Carnival of Love

Carnival of Love is immensely special to me because it is my first poetry book I published. I have been writing poems since I was a kid. Poetry has always helped me to channel my feelings. Writing these phrases, lines, verses made me calm and cradled in comfort and love.

Writing poetry also enhanced my imagination. I have always been a child and being filled with fantastical ideas and a sensitive mind that lets so much in which can be overwhelming. Being a sensitive person that feels pain and discomfort stronger is not a disadvantage. This is because also the hard times taught me so many important things and in being sensitive, I also feel joy and excitement very intensely. I have been an active, joyful child staying outdoors as often as possible, celebrating with nature and meeting the „endless forms most beautiful“ (Charles Darwin). I am so thankful for this.

„So dark then
and death will die
on a birthday“

Poem „The meeting“ from the book Carnival of Love by Sandra Walkshofer

Poetry for me has never been a way to tell the world my political or lifestyle ideas. For me, poetry is a treasure, an exploration, getting to the core of my feelings and this kindles the imagination and the love for creation. Reading and writing poetry has also always been a great comfort. There is magic in this act and it is doing its trick, helping us out, guiding us through hard, dark times. Poetry reveals to us our inner world, connects it with the outer reality and changes us if necessary. Reading and writing poetry can do so much for you. It did for me. It gave me the greatest gift, the most beautiful present you can think of, a deep love for all there is, was and will be.

„… The dark brought the light
One like sunrise
A divine call
Mirroring the harbour in the tempest
You, endless love, everywhere you show
In an open mind
Making my window a door
Scent of heaven in a tale as old as time
In the blood of Eden
I see you in me and there you shine …“

From the poem „A song of Homecoming“ from Carnival of Love by Sandra Walkshofer

When writing poetry I feel so in love, the words flow out, it is a wonderful task and it‘s like I am a vessel, a musical instrument through which the world sounds, coming out in a connecting tune. When we touch our deepest, we also gain our highest state of consciousness. Go there. Let me take you there. And let it flow.

Carnival of Love
with artwork „Carnival of Hearts“
by Sandra Walkshofer
Published 2020
On Amazon worldwide

„Nighttime prepares for vividness“

From the poem „To the children of the night“ from Carnival of Love by Sandra Walkshofer

The book Carnival of Love was inspired by so many things, first of all by the story „The phantom of the opera“ (Le fantôme de l’opéra, 1910) by the French author Gaston Leroux and its musical interpretation by Andrew Lloyd Webber and Richard Stilgoe. Since I am also delighted with listening closely to the lyrics of songs and due to the fact that I am a fan of Finish music the title and content of this book is also inspired by the song „Carnival of Rust“ by the band Poets of the Fall and the lyric lines „Once upon a night we‘ll wake to the carnival of life. The beauty of this ride ahead such an incredible high. It‘s hard to light a candle, easy to curse the dark instread. This moment the dawn of humantity …“ from the song „Last Ride of the Day“ from the Finish symphonic metal band Nightwish. And, of course, this book is also inspired by many childhood stories, comics and also movies special to me such as „The notebook“, „A beautiful mind“, a biography of the mathematician John Nash played by Russell Crowe, „Lord of the Rings“, „Meeting Joe Black“, „Walk the line“ by – a biographical film about the life and love of Jonny Cash by director James Mangold, and some more which you might notice when you read the book.

I hope you will enjoy this book. I hope the poems inspire you, excite you and kindle and fan your joy and love for poetry. Let‘s join this Carnival of Love!

All the best,

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