All began with a connection to wild nature, a Bubble Ocean Kingdom story and the secret of a silent night.

Then, the dreams came. They elevated from the ocean of life and formed a land of gold.

There, I want to be with you, for a while. There we are free.

There, the Alpenglow warms our cheeks.

There, my books draw their sentences.

*  *  *

Zur Deutschen Version.

Hi, my name is Sandra. 

I am 46 years old and I live in a historical high valley cottage almost 1000 meters above sea-level. Here, in the southeastern Alps, I write my books, care for nature and create my artwork.

I love this alpine world, its clear airs and splendid scents. It is rough, wild and full of beauty. It speaks to the heart and lets creativity flow. After my years of study at the university of Vienna, in which my interest in philosophy, mythology, our history and science flourished, again and again I returned to this mountainous homeland.

The Alps are my home. The Alpenglow is a homecoming of the soul.

A Highländer

For eleven month I lived in Schottland.

The homeland of Scrooge McDuck, Braveheart, Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde and Harry Potter became a part of me.

And also Finland – the land where singers and poets are heroes.
Scandinavia is the home of my ancestors (female line) – the Sámi.

Books that encourage

Stories that give assurance and rekindle the joy for adventures.

The tingle when jumping into cold waters.

The power of forgiveness … and to live the conjointness.

Books are treasures to be discovered.

In the dark the spark

Dark times have its powers, dynamics. They brought me to write and to much more. They let me re-think and they enriched my imagination.

Out of the dark we draw our creativity and author our be(e)ing, in order to let it bloom in the space of time.

You become what you love.

All the best and much joy with our books and films!

Yours, Sandra

Books, films and artwork. Zur Deutschen Version.